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NACHC Submits Comments on Exchange Proposed Rule and Others

By: Susan Sumrell

On October 31, 2011, NACHC submitted several sets of comments on several new provisions from the Affordable Care Act, related to the creation of exchanges and new eligibility processes.

The first set of comments was on the proposed rule on the Estabishment of Exchanges and Qualified Health Plans (QHPs).  This proposed rule sets the framework for the new state based exchanges which will go into effect in 2014.  You can read NACHC’s comments here.

The other two proposed rules we commented on were on new eligibility requirements for both Medicaid and the Exchanges.  The ACA requires that these processes be streamlined in order to ensure better access to these programs, and you can read NACHC’s comments on Medicaid eligiblity here and Exchange eligibility here.

Finally, we provided comments on a Request for Information from CMS on state flexibility to establish a Basic Health Program.  You can read NACHC’s comments here.