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NACHC Hashtag Madness

If you follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook you may have noticed we have been using some new hashtags with our posts. Hashtags—identifiable by the pound/number sign (#) that precedes a word or group of words— are group conversations on social media sorted by topics that allow users to follow the discussion. For example #FQHC, it is our most commonly used hashtag and means Federally Qualified Health Center.  If a user is looking for information on FQHCs they could simply search using #FQHC to find out what conversations are going on about health centers.  Hashtags make it easier for users to find us and our messages on social media.

Recently we’ve added some new hashtags to our social media in order to better categorize our messages. These hashtags also allow us to get to know our fans, friends, and followers a little better by giving some insight into what kinds of information draw the most interest.  Our new hashtags include:

  • #FQHCInnovations– This hashtag was created to highlight stories about Community Health Center programs, efforts, and initiatives that are innovative and addressing community issues in a unique way.
  • #FQHCResearch– This hashtag has been around for a while and is often used by the @NACHCResearch  Twitter account and indicates the story is about research relevant to Community Health Centers.
  • #FQHCRecognition– This great hashtag will allow us to highlight those great stories about Community Health Centers receiving awards or achieving recognition.
  • #FQHCNews– This hashtag will apply to stories that are relevant to our entire community. For example a press release on funding or grants.
  • #FQHCLegislation– We’ll use this hashtag to let our community know when a story or post is related to FQHC efforts on Capitol Hill or state legislative affairs.
  • #FQHCEd- This hashtag will indicate a post is about training or educational opportunity being offered by NACHC or other organizations that we feel is useful to Community Health Centers.

We’d also like you to join us in having fun with our social media and hashtags, so we’re asking you to help us with #FotoFriday. We want you to send us a photo from your Community Health Center staff in action along with your health center’s information and a caption and every Friday we’ll pick one to post to our Facebook page with the hashtag #FotoFriday.  You can send those photos to with the subject line FotoFriday.

Happy posting!