Health Center Federal Policy

NACHC Federal Staff Hit the Road For Health Center Week

By John Sawyer

Regular readers of Health Centers on the Hill may have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet the last week or so – there are a couple of reasons for that:  first, of course, Congress has headed back home for the month of August, and second, because we’ve been preparing our own travel plans, joining advocates in the field for National Health Center Week celebrations nationwide.  So where is the NACHC federal/advocacy staff headed, you ask?

  • Kaitlin McColgan flew straight from vacation to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where she joined health center advocates from around the state and Sen. Tom Harkin at an event celebrating the re-opening of Linn Community Care, which was badly damaged in last year’s floods.
  • Craig Kennedy visited Lansing, Michigan (one of the five states he’s never been to – only four left!) and joined (former Ingham County Commissioner) Sen. Debbie Stabenow for an event in her old stomping grounds at the Ingham County Health Department.

Keep coming back to the Health Center News and Happenings blog for in-depth coverage (and guest-blogging) of each of these events, and so many more!