Most Popular Workshops & Webinars of 2022

In keeping with our mission to strengthen the health center movement, NACHC provides educational opportunities to support health centers in achieving excellence in patient care, operations, management, and more. These most popular trainings and webinars are just a sample of what we offer all year long:

Top 5 Finance, Operations, and Management Workshops

  1. Revenue Cycle 360⁰
  2. Financial Operations Management Level 1 (FOM 1)
  3. Financial Operations Management Level 2 (FOM 2)
  4. Practical Art of Health Center Operations (PAHCO)
  5. Financial Operations Management Level 3 (FOM 3)

Top 5 Finance, Operations, and Management Webinars

  1. Foundations of Becoming a Leader Webinar Series
  2. Leading with Optimism in Challenging Times
  3. PHE Unwinding Readiness for Health Centers: Preparing Medicaid Beneficiaries for Eligibility Determinations
  4. Finance Office Hour: Facilitated Discussion on the No Surprise Billing Act
  5. Top 10 Documentation and Revenue Tips in Community Health Centers

Top 5 Care Team Workshops

  1. Training for New Clinical Directors
  2. Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Combat Misinformation
  3. Come to the Table: A Pediatric Primary Care Learning Series
  4. November Elevate Learning Forum: Social Drivers of Health
  5. July Elevate Learning Forum: Ask the Expert – FQHC Care Management Billing & Coding