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MedPAC to Discuss Health Centers

By: Susan Sumrell

This week the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) will hold it’s first ever discussion on health centers. MedPAC is a non-partisan, independent agency, which was created to advise Congress on a variety of Medicare issues. The Commission is composed of 17 members from a variety of health care settings, including physicians, hospitals, advocacy groups, think tanks, and universities. They hold several public meetings and publish 2 reports annually for Congress, as well as testify at Congressional hearings and provide additional resources to the Hill.

The health center session will be held on Wednesday at 11am and will focus on health centers’ role providing team based primary care in underserved areas, as well as the new Medicare reimbursement structure founding the Affordable Care Act.

We’ll be attending the meeting on Wednesday and will have a full recap here on the Policy Shop. For more information on the meeting and MedPAC, click here.