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‘Match Made in Heaven’

By: Beau Boughamer

AAFP News Now published a story on research by two family physicians in Seattle indicating that — as the headline put it — the pairing of health centers and family medicine residencies is a “match made in heaven.”  The work appeared in the Annals of Family Medicine.

Training family medicine residents in community health centers, or CHCs, may provide a solution to the primary care workforce shortage, according to a study by two family physicians in Seattle. Such affiliations can be encouraged through changes in graduate medical education, or GME, funding and other proposals being discussed as part of health care reform, say the two FPs.

Located in rural and other underserved areas, the CHCs that employ such arrangements get dedicated physicians to staff their clinics, the residents get the rigorous and wide-ranging clinical training CHCs can provide, and the patients receive high-quality care, they say.

Moreover, residents who train in a residency-affiliated CHC are four times more likely than those from nonaffiliated programs to continue to work in CHCs, according to the study.

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  1. My personal experience suggests that Community Health Centers should have an greater role at many points along the medical education “pipeline”.

    As a college student I spent a summer shadowing a family physician at a health center in the Beaufort-Jasper area of South Carolina. I credit that experience for my discovey that I wanted to become a physician.

    I was fortunate to be able to work with Jack Geiger’s medical students from the Department of Community Health and Social Medicine at the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education as part of my first job in the NHSC at a New York City Health Center. Then I became a medical director the Montefiore Family Health Center in the Bronx which has been a Community Health Center and family medicine residency training practice for almost 30 years. Now I co-direct the third year primary care clerkship at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons we are fortunate to have two FQHC’s, William F. Ryan in NYC and Optimus Healthcare in Stamford CT as medical student training sites.

    Students and residents participate in the high quality clinical care that CHC’s provide. Health Centers also provide an excellent opportunity for them to learn about quality improvement programs, interdisciplinary teams, community outreach, and the socio-cultural determinants of health.

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