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Manufacturing Grassroots Muscle in Michigan

dave_brownMichigan is best known for manufacturing cars, but one determined man is churning out an engine of a different kind: newly minted health center advocates. Mr. David Brown, Board President of Family Medical Center of Michigan in the community of Carleton, is our June National Community Health Advocate of the Month. David’s history with health centers stretches back twenty years and ranges from Health Center Board Member of the Year (in ’97, ’99, and ’03!!) to President of the Michigan Primary Care Association. In recent months Dave has been burning the midnight oil to achieve a personal goal to boost the number of Michigan advocates to well over a thousand.”

Dave’s high octane efforts are making a big impression in the health center family – He’s traveled the state to visit health center boards and spread his message of advocacy. Along the way, he’s also enlisting new advocates for health centers and raising awareness about the vital importance of grassroots advocacy. Why is this important? Here’s Dave’s perspective: “Health centers may not have deep pockets, but what we do have is political clout”

Thanks to David’s work across the state, the majority of Michigan health centers now have advocacy as a standing agenda item and are building a mean grassroots machine!