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MA: Don’t Get Complacent About H1N1

By: Beau Boughamer

I’ve seen a lot of H1N1 stories lately, but here’s the first one like this.

Officials — including health center leaders — are warning folks not to become complacent about H1N1 Flu in response to reports that the pandemic might be waning. talked to Greater New Bedford Community Health Center.

Experts anticipate another wave of cases early next year, as well as an increase in the seasonal flu….

Calls to the Greater New Bedford Community Health Center asking for H1N1 vaccinations have also slipped, following news coverage of the waning activity.

“We’re not getting as many,” said Cynthia Champagne, the center’s nursing director. “I think it’s definitely media driven.”

Seasonal flu activity is also expected to pick up early next year, and some health care providers reported that seasonal flu vaccine was slow in arriving as manufacturers focused on H1N1.

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