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Lots of Media Coverage During National Health Center Week!

By Micah Clemens

As National Health Center Week gets in full swing, there is a deluge of news about events from across the country, NACHC’s new Access Endangered report, and the $28 million grant from HHS to expand primary care for 286,000 patients!

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius writes about the value of Community Health Centers in the Huffington Post:

“In the months to come, we’ll continue to work to support America’s community health centers and to achieve our ultimate goal of making sure every American, no matter where they live, has access to the primary and preventive care they need to stay healthy.”

Healthcare Finance wrote about NACHC’s recent Access Endangered Report, saying simply: “Community Health Centers Are A Good Investment”

Kaiser Health News looked at how Massachusetts residents continue to choose Community Health Centers, even with other alternatives under the state’s health insurance system:

Community health centers in Massachusetts saw a surge in patients after the state expanded health insurance coverage, indicating that the safety-net clinics remain a vital source of care even when people gain insurance, according to a study released today.

The Dayton Dispatch showed how deep CHC federal budget cuts hurt their region:

When Congress cut funding to the nation’s community health centers in April, two Columbus clinics ditched plans to hire doctors and add a combined 3,000 patients.

It’s been like that across the country, and any more cuts will cost taxpayers more money in the long run, according to a national report released yesterday.

Public News Service highlights stories about raising awareness during National Health Center Week in Lansing, Michigan and Richmond, Virginia.

This is National Health Center Week in Michigan, an observance meant to raise awareness of an organizational model which some say is taking the lead on health care reform.