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LA: PHSC Brings Hospitality into Health Care

By: Lynn Williams

In Monroe, La., southern hospitality is not just a custom; it’s a model for doing business at its local Community Health Center.

I visited Primary Health Services Center after conducting a Health Care and Policy workshop for the Louisiana Primary Care Association’s fall advanced Board training session. While driving me around to PHSC’s four locations, CEO Catherine Tonore described her passion for making patients feel special when they come in.

Lynn2_Therapy room with playroomEach waiting room is like a parlor where patients sit in comfort. Framed mirrors, chandeliers and floral arrangements surround the intake desk.  Rooms set aside for behavioral health sessions offer overstuffed couches and well-stocked playrooms for children within view. Again, comfort is king.

But the tea cart kept stocked with refreshments for patients was the best expression of kindness and care that I saw.

Founded in 2000 with designation as a public housing primary care grant, PHSC also serves homeless patients, victims of domestic abuse and families sometimes through a private entrance, at a mobile clinic or in the KidMed center.

Lynn3_PHSC Behavioral staff w tea cartThey are proud of the painless water laser they bought for children who come through their dental program.

Through strong partnerships with the local charity hospital, Delta sorority, and state and federal funders, PHSC offers the highest quality care in Monroe, LA.

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Photos provided by Raymond Emilio Poliquit, Medical Director/Pediatrician, PHSC (Monroe, La.)

Lynn4_Behav staff w 2 tea carts