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Kid Docs Rock and Other News in the Health Center World

By Amy Simmons

clip_image001You are looking at the next generation of healers in the health center community! We just had to post this ad from Yakima Neighborhood Health Services (YNHS) in Washington State.   The cute kids featured in the ad belong to the dedicated staff who work at YNHS.  The health center is the health care home for more than 15,000 infants, children, adults and seniors in Yakima County. 

Speaking of doctors, Thundermist Health Center of West Warwick Doctor, Nirali Bora, met President Obama this week with the group, Doctors for America. Meeting in the Rose Garden, the group listened to the President discuss the importance of health care reform.  Dr. Borali said of the experience, “It was so surreal and amazing. I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to go… I just hope this helps reform happen.”

And there’s good news out of Flint Michigan, where Flint’s Hamilton Community Health Network (HCHN), a 25-doctor, six-campus practice serving the Flint area’s uninsured and underinsured, will get a federal grant to adopt an electronic medical records system.  “We are so fortunate to have the federal funding in place to make an investment like this,”  Clarence Pierce, CEO of HCHN, told the Great Lakes IT report.   The investment couldn’t come at a better time for the hard scrabble Flint.  The city’s poverty rate sits at 35.5 percent (the state’s poverty rate is over 14 percent).