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Kicking off NACHC’s Countdown to National Health Center Week with Key Facts about Health Centers

By Megan Chung, NACHC Intern

National Health Center Week begins August 12th and it is an annual, nationwide celebration with the goal of raising awareness about the mission and accomplishments of America’s Health Centers over the past five decades. We hope advocates, providers, staff, and patients will enjoy health centers’ rightly-deserved spotlight, and demonstrate their health center’s achievements by hosting events, engaging the media, and of course, sharing relevant research and data.  To this end, NACHC is kicking off our countdown to National Health Center Week with a series of important data points from NACHC’s new Community Health Center Chartbook. Each week, we will feature remarkable facts about the heroic work of health centers.

One of the most effective ways to highlight health center achievements is through data and data visualizations. Often, data tells the story of health centers. For example, data is used to demonstrate health centers’ growth over time, paint a picture of the people health centers serve, or compare health centers to other health providers. When used effectively, data conveys the most important – and impressive – information about your health center. Moreover, data is essential in communicating how Community Health Centers provide accessible and affordable care to millions of patients. With the right data and a healthy dose of honesty and transparency, the story you tell with your data is only limited by your creativity!

There is no better time to use data to celebrate your health centers and health center heroes than National Health Center Week. It’s a great time to highlight what makes health center exceptional, and backing up those attributes with data only enhances the message. We’ve been counting down the days to celebrate National Health Center Week with health centers all over the nation!

Check in weekly for the latest updates – or to share your own amazing data-driven facts and charts about your health center! For tips on making your own data-driven narrative with charts, see You Can’t Spell Advocate Without Data published in December 2017.