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“Johanns Amendment” Defeated!

by Krystal E. Knight, MPH

Congress is back in session this week, and one of the Senate’s first actions upon returning was the vote on the Johanns amendment to the Small Business Jobs & Credit Act. The Senate voted on Tuesday, and the amendment was defeated by a vote of 46-52.

In a previous post I reported that Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE) offered the amendment to strike a new 1099 reporting requirement, and that to pay for the costs associated with this change, the amendment proposed using $15 billion from the Prevention and Public Health Fund as an offset, essentially eliminating the fund for its first 7 years.

NACHC strongly supported the creation of the Prevention and Public Health Fund in reform, and joined an effort led by the Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) opposing the use of the Prevention Fund as an offset for the Johanns Amendment. The vote on the Johanns amendment was a critical test of support for the Prevention Fund.

NACHC is very pleased to report that the Prevention and Public Health Fund is safe for now—however, in this tough climate, there may be other attempts from lawmakers to use this fund to offset other high-cost provisions. NACHC will continue to watch these attempts very closely and work with our public health partners to ensure that the promise of the Affordable Care Act’s prevention focus is realized.