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It’s AmeriCorps Week!

By Yvette Crenshaw

This week (May 14-21, 2011) is AmeriCorps Week and communities around the country are celebrating the very hard but rewarding work that AmeriCorps members do to have a positive impact in their communities. Several health centers around the nation including OpenDoor Family Medical Centers in Ossining, NY,  have jumped on the celebration bandwagon.

AmeriCorps is a program that provides opportunities for Americans to give back to both their communities and country each year. AmeriCorps members provide help with some of nation’s toughest challenges, including disaster services, education, veteran and military families and so much more. According to their website, so far, AmeriCoprs has served 860 million hours to communities around the nation – they have a lot to be proud of.

Many health centers have become very familiar with Community HealthCorps, which is  is the largest health-focused, national AmeriCorps program that promotes health care for America’s underserved, while developing tomorrow’s health care workforce.

 Not only does AmeriCorps Week —  now five years old —  serve as a time of celebration for the work that has already been done, but also as a time to think about the work that still needs to be done and the courageous people that will take on those challenges. During this week, AmeriCorps members will take time out to educate and recruit those interested in exchanging their time for excellent rewards including education awards that can be used to pay off student loans.