Health Center Advocacy

Introducing the Health Center Advocacy Network

Over the past three years the Health Center Advocacy Network has experienced unprecedented growth to encompass 100,000 individuals and counting. Thanks to this growing number of Advocates like you, who have not only joined the Campaign for America’s Health Centers, but have repeatedly raised your voice on behalf of Health Centers and their patients,  the power and effectiveness of our network has grown as well.

The effectiveness of our advocacy has been demonstrated time and time again with many of you helping lead the charge online to increase support for the Health Center Program. Online advocacy engagement has also expanded the ability to serve more patients and to stave off regular challenges and threats. Much the same way patients are at the heart of each Health Center, you, our advocates, are at the heart of our network.

Now, as we face even more serious threats and even greater opportunities, we have to adapt and transform our advocacy efforts to meet them. Our goal will remain unchanged; continuing to encourage even more growth while effectively supporting and accommodating the needs of all of our Advocates. To make sure that we can continue to be leaders on behalf of America’s Health Centers, we will be transforming the Campaign for America’s Health Centers into a new – and we believe more effective – identity known as the Health Center Advocacy Network.

Key Information, Dates & Actions:

  • While the Campaign for America’s Health Centers umbrella has helped us grow to more than 100,000 advocates, we have come to a point where our efforts are larger than just a single campaign.
  • To be able to meet the unprecedented challenges and opportunities in today’s environment, we need to be easily recognized and able to respond in the online world where our power matters.
  • The new Health Center Advocacy Network website provides seamless social media sharing capabilities as well as updated advocacy tools. Most importantly, our new website will make it easier than ever for Advocates to take action – from any device with the click of a button.
  • On February 20, we will formally transition to the new website. We will also hold a launch webinar on March 15 at 3PM ET. You can register for the webinar here. If you are attending the Policy & Issues Forum there will also be an opportunity to view, learn about and experience during the conference.
  • ACTION ITEM: Show your support for the new Health Center Advocacy Network by adding our web badge to your website or social media page.

We are excited to unveil this new and updated Health Center Advocacy Network – the action center and heart of our advocacy program. As part of the launch later this month we encourage advocates to visit our new state of the art website, join us in sharing and driving recognition of this updated appearance and identity across social media channels, and take advantage of enhanced opportunities to engage and ADVOCATE for America’s Health Centers and the patients they serve.