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IA: IL: Access Is Top Issue for Health Centers and Health Reform

By: Beau Boughamer

If you’re looking for some perspective as to how health centers across the country are viewing the health reform process, here’s a great piece.

The Quad-City Times asked Community Health Care Inc. about health reform and found officials to be guardedly optimistic and focused on access.  The piece also quotes NACHC’s Craig Kennedy.

Health-care reform legislation is being met with guarded optimism at CHC over concerns for being able to meet the demands of increased accessibility and reimbursement rates.

CHC, with three clinics in Iowa and two in Illinois, treated 31,000 patients last year, up from 24,000 four years ago, [CHC President George Barton] said recently.


“In many rural areas of the country, the only access to health care is through a health center,” said Craig Kennedy, vice president for federal and state affairs for the National Association of Community Health Centers.