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Hurricane Gustav and Health Centers

biloxigustavp22This photo of the flooding in Biloxi (which came to us by way of a health center in the area) shows the daunting power of Hurricane Gustav as it made landfall. The storm was much kinder than Katrina, but there’s still damage to repair for health centers along the Gulf Coast. Mississippi health centers report minor wind and water damage and power outages. In Louisiana, reports of flooding and damage haven’t stopped health centers in their efforts to get back up and running to provide much-needed primary care services for the American Red Cross and general population shelters.  NACHC is coordinating with organizations such as Operation USA and Save The Children to send relief supplies to the region, and is grateful for the swift response of the humanitarian medical aid organization Direct Relief International (DRI), which has committed up to $250,000 in special hurricane response funds to assist health centers in and around Gustav’s footprint. Special thanks goes to the Mississippi Primary Health Care Association for forwarding the photos.