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How to Support Health Centers in Puerto Rico and Florida After Deadly Hurricanes

Jason Patnosh is NACHC’s Associate Vice President of Development and Innovation.

As Puerto Rico and Florida begin the long and difficult recovery process following Hurricanes Fiona and Ian, we are sharing news about relief efforts supporting Community Health Centers and their staff.

While some health centers are open and providing care in the aftermath of these devastating hurricanes, many health centers sustained extensive damage and many health center staff are reeling from the personal impact of the storms. Read on for ways to support health centers and their staff in Puerto Rico and Florida:

Puerto Rico: Hurricane Fiona

Health centers remain resilient and have been operational at varying degrees after the storm hit thanks to solar power and generators. Some in the hardest hit areas continue to reopen slowly. Power and water infrastructure have been damaged in the most impacted areas, resulting in many residents remaining without power and/or water even weeks after the storm

Direct Relief Fund for Puerto Rico: Learn about Direct Relief’s efforts and how to donate.

Florida: Hurricane Ian

In the aftermath of one of the most dangerous hurricanes in its history, Florida is also facing prolonged power and water outages in certain areas which threaten healthcare operations. Health centers in the southwestern part of the state are experiencing the most closures at individual sites. Many health center staff and their families were devastated by Ian.

Florida Association of Community Health Centers Fund for Florida: FACHC has established a Disaster Relief Fund to help health center staff impacted by Hurricane Ian. Learn more about how to help health center staff.

Health Choice Network Relief Funds: Health Choice Network is a health center-controlled network based in Miami. HCN is raising funds for health centers affected by Hurricane Ian to provide immediate and long-term relief in their communities. Use the QR codes on the image below to donate.

Use the camera on your smartphone to access donation options through HCN.

If you are aware of other funds benefiting health centers, their staff, and/or their communities please share them with Jason Patnosh (