Health Center Federal Policy

House FY14 Health Center Funding Letter Update

The bi-partisan Bilirakis-Pallone FY14 Health Center funding support letter is still open for signatures in the House. Co-signers have been coming in at a fairly steady pace, but we are still under the number of co-signers form our FY13 letter. Health Center Advocates should follow up with their Representatives this week while the House is back from a long recess to ask them to sign on to the Bilirakis-Pallone letter and to submit a programmatic request in support of the Health Center Program. Advocates can see a list of current cosigners here.

The House Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Subcommittee deadline for funding letters and programmatic requests has been extended to April 22nd and the new deadline for members to sign on to the Bilirakis-Pallone letter is April 17th. It was recently announced the President’s FY14 budget will be released on April 10th. In light of the budget release date, the House Appropriations Committee decided to give members time to review the President’s budget before they are required to submit their individual priorities.

Stay tuned for updates on the impact of the President’s FY14 budget proposal on Health Centers. We will post more information as soon as we thoroughly review the proposal.