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Honoring U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy

By Angie Stewart

Health centers around the country are remembering a great man today. August 25, 2010 marks the one year anniversary of U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s death. Known as the Founding Father of Community Health Centers, U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy made it his life’s work to advocate on behalf of improving our nation’s health. During his 47-year career in the U.S. Senate, it became apparent that one of his primary goals was to ensure health care for all Americans, not just the privileged few. We are all grateful for his passion and his accomplishments, and while mourning his passing, we celebrate his life.

In honor of this great man and his lifelong commitment to health centers, the Great Brook Valley Health Center in Worcester, MA has officially changed its name to the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center. Did your health center do anything to honor the life of U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy? Let us know!