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Helping New Parents with Diaper Discounts

diapers Diapers are an essential commodity for any family with kids, yet nearly one in three American families can barely afford them, according to the White House. Low income families also lack access to transportation and technology to shop online in search of cheaper bargains or at big-box retailers. As a result, low-income families pay twice more for purchases than people who have the tools to bargain search, such as a car or a laptop computer. Unlike other essentials—food and health care coverage—there are no federal programs that provide assistance with purchasing diapers. These compounding elements mean struggling parents are often having to choose between necessities, such as rent or groceries, to pay for diapers.  

President Obama has called on companies to reverse this trend and address the high cost of diapers for low-income families. The online shopping site has taken action. They created the Community Diaper Program to get affordable diapers to nonprofit organizations, including Community Health Centers, to serve families in need.  To make diapers more affordable, Jet partnered with Cuties-brand diapers to remove expensive graphics on product packaging and add more diapers to the box. With this formula, Jet was able to bring the average price of a diaper down from 30-50 cents to 17 cents. Nonprofits can enroll in the Community Diaper Program and purchase the diapers at an additional 25% discount (resulting in 13 cents per diaper on average) – before earning even more savings via Jet’s real-time savings engine that makes prices drop while you shop.

 Over 800 nonprofits across the country have signed-up to distribute the diapers and Jet is hoping to recruit more to participate in the program, including health centers. Health centers serve some of the nation’s most vulnerable populations, often providing services that are outside the scope of most private practices to meet health care needs of their communities. Some even throw and participate in community baby showers to provide new moms with essential baby care supplies.   

“Our Community Diaper Program aligns perfectly with our commitment to saving people more money on their shopping essentials,” said Dana Hork, Director, Brand Experience at “By working with nonprofits and Community Health Centers across the country, this program gives low income families more affordable access to basic necessities.”

 For more information or to sign-up to participate in the program visit