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Help Combat Hepatitis B

By Yvette Crenshaw

Several communities in Seattle, Wash. are joining forces and making sure that people are informed about chronic hepatitis B. The silent health threat known as hepatitis B can remain in the body for years and produce little to no symptoms.  If undetected for too long the virus can cause very serious health problems.

 International Community Health Services (ICHS) has been working with the Hepatitis B Coalition of Washington (HBCW) to engage and inform a coalition of community-based organizations about the seriousness of the disease by releasing new resources that will help educate others about a disease that is a huge threat in immigrant and refugee communities specifically. Michael McKee, Health Services Director at ICHS says,

“Lack of information about chronic hepatitis B and the need to get screened is a major obstacle in combating this disease. So we have developed resources that can be used by anyone to help inform their communities about hepatitis B and where to get tested.”

 ICHS is the largest Asian and Pacific Islander community health center in Washington state. ICHS operates medical and dental clinics in the International District and Holly Park with modern facilities and on-site laboratories and pharmacies in both locations. ICHS clinics offer a full range of primary medical, dental, and preventive health education services. In addition, it runs an alternative medicine program staffed by a Washington state certified acupuncturist.   All services are staffed with multi-lingual certified medical assistants and patient services representatives, providing assistance in more than 15 languages — now that’s international!

For free downloadable resources please visit Hepatitis B Resources.