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The role of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) will be the topic of two upcoming conference calls hosted by Community Campus Partnerships for Health and Tuskegee University National Center for Bioethics in Research and Health Care. The point is to boost understanding of the role of IRBs and other mechanisms for assuring that human subjects research is ethical and appropriate. It is worth underscoring here that a cursory review of modern world history offers some glaring and horrific examples of research that defy human morals and understanding– so discussions like these can and do advance mankind’s efforts to avoid a repeat of the past. The conference call series has among the featured speakers two leaders from Community Health Centers: Vickie Ybarra, Director of Outreach and Services, Yakima Valley Farmworkers Clinic, in Toppenish, WA; and Sheila Beckham, Preventive Health Services Director, Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center, in Waianae, Hawaii. These two speakers have some nuggets of wisdom to offer because Communty Health Centers are run by Community Boards that have a 51 patient majority. That’s the secret of their success in fighting disease in poor and underserved communities.
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