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Health Centers Using Social Media During National Health Center Week

By Micah Clemens

As National Health Center Week approaches (August 5-11 in 2012), many Community Health Centers and State/Regional Primary Care Associations are taking to social media for creative advocacy and education campaigns about their health centers.

Michigan Live has a great piece on the Center for Family Health’s plan to use social media during National Health Center Week.

“We are trying to reach a wider audience with our website and Facebook,” Center for Family Health CEO Molly Kaser said in a statement.

During the week of Aug. 5, staff will be posting information to its Facebook and Twitter pages including some of the services the Center offers.

“It made sense to use these tools to reach the community and let them know we’ll keep them updated on our services and programs,” Kaser said.

The Center is holding a social media contest where the winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card. Three participants will be selected from a pool of those who “like” the center on Facebook or “follow” it on Twitter before Aug. 5. This applies to new followers only.

You can find more great social media tools and press resources, on the webpage for National Health Center Week. The Campaign for America’s Health Centers is also holding a Photo and Video Contest for the month of August, you can find more details on the NHCW site.

Also, don’t forget to include the #NHCW12 hashtag whenever you Tweet about National Health Center Week.