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Health Centers Take the Stage at MedPAC

By Susan Sumrell

As we told you earlier this week, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (known around Washington as MedPAC), held its first ever discussion on health centers. MedPAC is an independent commission that was created to advice Congress on Medicare issues. They release two annual reports on various Medicare issues.

The discussion began with an overview of health centers and their Medicare reimbursement structure from the MedPAC staff, along with an overview of future changes to the Medicare reimbursement structure found in the Affordable Care Act. The Commission members then had a chance for questions and discussion on the issued presented. Many members were familiar with health centers and their role providing care to the safety net and were complimentary of health centers work. In fact, Commission member Tom Dean is intimately familiar with the work of health centers, as he is a physician at Horzion Health Care in South Dakota. The questions and discussions focused on health center expansion in the Affordable Care Act, the high quality care delivered at health centers, medical education, and the new Medicare reimbursement structure. The session concluded with a staff commitment to look into the items in question and report back with additional information.
We’ll keep you updated as MedPAC’s work progresses on health center issues. To learn more about MedPAC, visit their website here.