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Health Centers Mark Cover the Uninsured Week

uninsured-09More and more uninsured people look to America’s Community, Migrant and Homeless Health Centers for their health care– that’s why many health centers mark Cover the Uninsured Week every year.  Independent studies conclude that uninsured people who live near a health center are less likely to have an unmet medical need.  Among the health centers hosting Cover the Uninsured events was Syracuse Community Health Center (SCHC), which staged a kick-off” event this week.  “We have a population of people in our community who go without medical and dental care every day due to lack of insurance. Syracuse Community Health Center remains committed to our community and neighbors to find the means to get them quality affordable care. National Cover the Uninsured Week is an example,” said   Dr. Ruben Cowart, President and CEO of SCHC. Photo: Dr. Coward addresses gathering at CTUW kick off event.