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Health Centers Help Save A Million Hearts

Champions2014_FacebookThe Million Hearts® initiative has recognized 30 public and private health care practices and systems as 2014 Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Champions, and Community Health Centers are among those being recognized.  The goal of the national effort is to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes by 2017.  The Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Challenge is a competitive challenge to identify practices, clinicians, and health systems that have worked with their patients to achieve hypertension control rates at or above 70%. These health center Champions used a variety of hypertension control strategies to accomplish that thanks to innovations in health information technology and electronic health records, patient communication, and healthcare team approaches.

“Our goal for next year is that more Community Health Centers will be recognized as Champions in this very important initiative,” said Ron Yee, MD, NACHC’s Chief Medical Officer.  “There is unprecedented commitment from the health center community to reduce the risk for heart disease and save lives through prevention and innovative clinical and community interventions.  We look forward to going deeper and broader to spread this impactful work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in heart attack and stroke prevention.“

The health center Champions are:

Denver Health Community Health Services, Denver, CO*

East Jordan Family Health Center,  East Jordan, MI*

Family Health Centers of San Diego, San Diego, CA*

P.S. Rudie Medical Clinic, Duluth, MN*

Peninsula Community Health Services, Bremerton, WA*

Roane County Family Health Care, Spencer, WV*

Southwest Montana Community Health Center, Butte, MT*

WinMed Health Services, Cincinnati, OH*

Good healthcare does make a difference, not just in cost-savings (to the tune of $24 billion a year from reduced visits to the hospital and ERs), but in lives saved.  This is especially important to consider when Americans suffer 1.5 million heart attacks and strokes each year. Cardiovascular disease—including heart disease and stroke—is the leading cause of death in the United States. Every day, 2,200 people die from cardiovascular diseases—that’s nearly 800,000 Americans each year, or 1 in every 3 deaths.

Visit this link to read more about how NACHC is participating in this important national effort.