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Health Centers Front and Center at Health Reform Hearing

As a key Congressional Committee held a hearing today on health care reform and the health insurance market, Health Centers were front and center.

Our own Bill Hobson, President and CEO of Watts Health Care Corporation in Los Angeles, CA, testified before the House Ways and Means Committee today, as part of their hearing entitled “Health Reform in the 21st Century: Insurance Market Reforms”. He was joined by 5 other panelists, each speaking from a different perspective on the American health care system.

Hobson’s testimony focused on the role safety-net providers play, his center’s experiences with various insurers, and the importance of including a public plan option as health reform efforts go forward. His testimony was well received, with members of both parties declaring their support for health centers and their sentiment that health centers should be looked to as a model in future health reform efforts.

All in all, a very successful showing – thanks again for representing us all, Bill!