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Health Centers are Always Up For a Challenge

By Yvette Crenshaw

November marks American Diabetes Month and health centers are up for the challenge – as always to ensure that patients are getting screenings and finding ways to prevent the disease that affects 25.8 million children and adults in the United States. Throughout the month, health centers have been sharing tips and informational tools to help patients in their communities prevent the disease as well as help those currently diagnosed get proper treatment.

In a recent NACHC Press Release, Gary Wiltz, MD, President and CEO of Teche Action Clinic in Franklin, LA explained,

“We not only provide the screening, but also teach patients how to manage the disease with proper nutrition, exercise and regular testing.  The health center model is focused on quality, patient-centered, preventive care so that chronic diseases never reach the acute stage where the treatment is costlier and less effective.”

Health centers as an affordable option for Americans at risk for diabetes is increasingly gaining notice, particularly in tough economic times when more people are looking for affordable options for care.   A recent CNN online editorial noted,  “In today’s economy, millions of people are becoming more and more reliant on America’s network of community clinics and health centers as their primary source of medical care, especially those who need daily medicine to survive…The data that have been collected from a recent survey of clinic partners have demonstrated that not only are the numbers of people relying on [health centers] escalating, but the number of people in need of medical attention for chronic disease, specifically diabetes, is growing.”

Sure enough, the numbers of diabetes patients are growing, as a survey by Direct Relief International recently noted.  Check out that report by visiting this link.