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Health Center Social Media Tip: Turn Website Visitors into Facebook Fans

By Micah Clemens

NACHC’s Facebook Like Box

There are several effective ways for health centers and State/Regional Primary Care Associations (SRPCAs) to convert a greater percentage of your visitors into Facebook fans. The reason why this is important is because fans receive your organization’s Facebook posts in their news feeds, and if they like or comment on them, it’s more likely that your content will be shared with their friends and family and others in the community. It’s a great way to grow your followers and get people more engaged with the content you’re sharing. NACHC currently has this box on our homepage.

This week’s tip is to add a Facebook Like Box to your health center or PCA’s website. This could go anywhere where visitors will likely see it: on the front page, or part of the template on every page. It allows visitors who are visiting your site to easily press one button to Like your Facebook page. If a visitor is already a fan, it reminds them that they already Like your page. This tool also offers a mini view of recent content you share on your Facebook page, and the option to show the first names and faces of other people who currently like your page.

Step one: visit and use this guide below to customize the look and functionality:

Step two: place the embed code on your website in the desired location (or have your web vendor do so).

Come back next week to learn how to create a Facebook landing page that encourages (or reminds) non-fans to Like your page when they visit!