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Health Center Receives Grant for Pain Management Model

By Angie Stewart

Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC) in Middletown, Connecticut received a $453,000 grant to support a study of the VA Stepped Care Model for Pain Management in health centers. This grant, from the Mayday Fund, supports the “Pain STEP-ing Out: Sharing Best Practices in Pain Management between Community Health Center, Inc. and VA Connecticut Healthcare System” study.

This is the first-ever collaboration between a Federally Qualified Health Center and a VA Health System, and provides a much-needed opportunity for CHC. Dr. Daren Anderson, vice president and chief quality officer at CHC said:

“Providing effective, evidence-based care for patients with pain poses a significant challenge for CHC, but it is a critical need. Approximately 40 percent of our adult patients have moderate or greater pain, and 20 percent have severe pain; however, seeing a specialist to get the care they need often isn’t an option. Many specialists don’t accept state insurance or patients without insurance coverage.”

This study hopes to establish a model for chronic pain management not only for CHC, but for all health centers—the findings and the model will be made available to Community Health Centers across the United States.

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  1. Its nice to see a website and a group of dr.s who know what its like and understand how hard it is to see a dr. with state insurance. I have chronic pain and had surgery. I feel that no one wants to listen and sometimes you just want someone to listen so you feel your not alone.

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