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Health Center News in 2014

vector-crosswords-on-dices_MyEWpBUOAs another exciting year comes to an end we wanted to recap a few of the articles about Community Health Centers that our readers and friends found most interesting. We look forward to continuing to work with our health center colleagues, supporters and friends in 2015!


Community Health Centers and Quality of Care

A Legacy of Saving Lives

Research from the University of Michigan focuses on the first years (’65-‘74) of Community Health Centers and finds a decline in mortality rates among individuals 50+.

Quality of Care

A Health Services Research study indicated that patients, particularly those who do not have health insurance and received care at Community Health Centers, have fewer hospitalizations.

Open Enrollment and the ACA

Health Centers Were Ready to Enroll

A NACHC survey showed 97% of Community Health Centers felt ready for the second round of open enrollment.

Healthcare Limbo

Our friends at the Louisiana Primary Care Association were featured in this Daily Beast article about the tragic impact of not expanding Medicaid in the Bayou State.

Access to Care

Going Without Care

Having health insurance doesn’t mean you have access to healthcare.

Access Is the Answer

The NACHC report Access is the Answer showed 62 million people have little or no access to primary care.

Study Indicates FQHCs More Likely to Offer Medicaid and Uninsured New Patient Appointments

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) granted new patient appointments to Medicaid beneficiaries and uninsured patients at higher rates than other primary care practices (non-FQHCs).

The Health Center Funding Cliff

Health Centers on the Hill: 2014 Year In Review

Read a recap of the major policy events of the year and take a look at what opportunities and challenges lay ahead.

Do Something in the Lame Duck Session

Community Health Center champion and Forbes contributor, Carolyn McClanahan, urged readers to contact their Members of Congress to ask them to protect our public health and fix the Health Center Funding Cliff.