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Health Center Leaders in the Spotlight

 By Yvette Crenshaw

After celebrating a very successful National Health Center Week 2010, it is very refreshing to know that health centers and their leaders are not only acknowledged one week out of the year but everyday. A recent spotlight found in a newsletter sent out by a local lawmaker is just one example of how health center leaders are being recognized by supporters in the community. Nancy Stern, Chief Executive Officer of the Eastern Shore Rural Health System (ESRHS) was named citizen of the month for her work and dedication in the communities that she serves. State Sen. Northam had this to say about Stern:

“This month, ESRH opened a new community health center in Onley, which will allow Nancy and her team of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to serve even more of our neighbors. Please join me in thanking Nancy for her service to the people of the Eastern Shore.”

Founded in 1976, ESRHS has five medical centers strategically located along the Shore from Chincoteague Island to Cape Charles.  Congrats Nancy for being named Citizen of the Month!