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CO: Cheering a Health Center over the Holidays

By: Beau Boughamer

Here’s a health center news story that popped up over the holiday weekend.  We hope your holidays have been happy thus far… best wishes for a fantastic 2010.

The Colorado Springs Gazette included a piece on Peak Vista Community Health Centers in a holiday series on local good works.

Jennifer [, a health center patient, and her husband] went to Peak Vista’s Family Health Center at Fountain.  Who they ran into were folks like them: Hard-working people who fall through the cracks of insurance coverage.


“They really go out of the way. They are quick getting us in and taking care of us. It is almost like a family there; they know us by the sound of our voice.”

Peak Vista is one of 14 area charities receiving grants from The Gazette-El Pomar Foundation Empty Stocking Fund.

“They took care of me. My daughter was a high-risk pregnancy. I had routine ultrasounds,” [Jennifer] said.

When she had a breast cancer scare during this pregnancy, she wasn’t expecting a call from her doctor the morning of the biopsy. “She called me at home and wished me good luck,” Jennifer said.

That biopsy came back normal.