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Health Center Gives Local Animals Some Much Needed TLC

By Yvette Crenshaw

The Lake County Health Department and Health Center in Waukegan, IL not only works very hard to help people in their community, they also lend a helping hand to our furry four-footed friends. That’s right, the Lake County Health Department cared for and looked after six animals that were taken from what appeared to be an abandoned local rescue facility. The surviving four dogs and two cats that were picked up by rescue officials suffered from severe dehydration and malnourishment and were in need of some much needed care.

The health center staff and doctors that have looked after the dogs for several days now seem to be impressed with the recovery and transformation that the dogs and cats have made after enduring such harsh circumstances. Although the Lake County Health Department and Health Center will not be a part of the adoption process, after receiving several phone calls from caring people and rescue groups interested in the dogs, they can rest assured that the dogs and cats will be placed in loving homes this time around.

The owner of the rescue facility where the animals were found has been charged with several counts of animal cruelty.

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