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Health Center Celebrates New Facility, Loyal Patients, and Small Business Partnerships

By Micah Clemens

The Piedmont Health’s Prospect Hill Community Health Center was the first Community Health Center in North Carolina, serving residents since 1970. To meet the demand in the area, Piedmont Health expanded to five other health centers service surrounding counties. They recently held an open house for their new facility in Caswell County to raise awareness about their services — an event that attracted local press, small business owners, and long-time patients.

Senator Kay Hagan visits Prospect Hill Community Health Center for National Health Center Week 2011

According to The News of Orange County’s article about the open house, Piedmont’s patients span the economic spectrum.  Some are self-employed, or work for small businesses that don’t carry insurance, or simply are underinsured and unable to access regular primary care.  That’s where Piedmont comes in.  The health center has created partnerships with small business owners through local chambers of commerce in what could be the wave of the future for primary care.

“Some think health centers are only for low-income people,” [Delores Ramsey, a Piedmont Health Board member from Hurdle Mills] said. “Health centers across the nation offer care on a sliding-fee scale to assure that everyone has access regardless of their income or insurance. But, the truth is that there are no income limits on who can use the center. Most private insurance plans are accepted, as well as Medicare and Medicaid.”

“Piedmont Health has a health program with local chambers of commerce that offers care to many small business owners and employees who are looking for high-quality care at an affordable price,” said Sharon Sexton, director of the Caswell County Chamber of Commerce, who attended the open house. Both the Caswell and Roxboro Area Chambers of Commerce participate in the program.

U.S. Senator Kay Hagan visited Prospect Hill during National Health Center Week in 2011 to keynote the opening of the new facility.