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Health Care for Kids in Honduras

lutherangirlWhy is this child smiling?  Because she is getting treatment for severe sinus pain, thanks to the medical mission dispatched to her hometown in Tela, Honduras. We’ve been writing about Lutheran HealthCare in Brooklyn, NY, who headed to Honduras for a weeklong mission to provide free medical services. Hundreds lined up for medical care.  Among them was Dania Aguilar, age 11. She was seen by medical team last year and says they are the only nurses and doctors she’s ever seen. She was given medication to deal with severe sinus pain last year, which helped, but her meds have run out and she’s hoping the team can do more. Also, ear nose and throat expert Dr. Melissa Inniss works full-time for Lutheran’s community health center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and was part of the team in Honduras. You can read the blog posting about Dr. Inniss going the extra step of making home visits to patients in Honduras.