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Hanging with the Secretary

By Krystal E. Knight

This Monday, I headed over the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to watch Secretary Sebelius’ remarks on the FY 2011 Budget.  I’m glad I braved the Washington, D.C. weather and made it out because Secretary Sebelius said some PHENOMENAL things about Health Centers!

  • She deemed Community Health Centers the “backbone of the American health care system,” and said the $290 million increase the program received in the President’s Budget would “provide high-quality primary care” for 3 million patients.
  • Secretary Sebelius said Community Health Centers will use the increase to provide additional health care access to those Americans who are without it, but she was careful to point out that the budget, including the Heath Center increase, is not a substitute for health reform.  
  • Secretary Sebelius called Health Centers a “platform” for health care reform, an example of what reform should look like in this country.

Those who heard Secretary Sebelius speak at last year’s CHI in Chicago already knew she was a true health center fan, but this briefing certainly confirmed it!

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  1. Community Health Center Success – not a secret anymore. Minds are changing, perception will follow.

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