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GE Awards Grants to Health Centers in Connecticut

By Yvette Crenshaw

It’s always good news when good things happen to health centers doing good work.  Santa came early to a couple of health centers in Connecticut by way of General Electric Co. Since 2009 the General Electric Co. Foundation’s Developing Health Initiative has helped support health centers and their efforts to care for the uninsured and medically underserved.

According to an article in the Connecticut Post, Southwest Community Health Center in Bridgeport, Conn. will receive $250,000, which Chief Executive Officer Kathy Yacavone  says will be directed toward women’s services in additional locations and to extend the hours of the center’s OB-GYN department.   Optimus Health Center Inc. will receive $500,000 that will go toward helping pregnant women in need,  and Community Health Center Inc. in Middletown, Conn. will receive $250,000 to boost its behavioral and mental health services.

Direct investment in community health is always good news in a state where 11 percent of the population is uninsured, up from 9.7 percent according to a recent report.