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G.E. Partners with Health Centers

By Yvette Crenshaw

G.E. is fully aware that improved and expanded services are vital in our communities and have partnered with health centers to ensure that the underserved and uninsured have access to health care when they need it.  As a part of GE’s $50 million health program project, Whitney M. Young in Albany, NY received $500,000 to put toward both improved and expanded services at two of their health center sites in Albany and Troy. The health center plans to hire health care professionals with the new donated funds. Check out the full article plus video footage.

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  1. As Rikki’s aunt I have had the pleasure of knowing Clay and would like to respond to your letter. I have been a health care provider in Ontario for almost 30 years I would like to say that Laurie, you are right “on the money”. I have watched the health care system grow in technology but diminish in it’s ability to follow the “patient focused care” model that is advertised. It is often more about dollars “and no sense”. The system is not working. The money is not spent where it needs to be spent..dollars are wasted and services that are vital are often cut. The “politics” within health care has compromised patient care. This has been more then evident with Clay’s situation. Thank you for sharing his story. I do hope that there are answers to all of the questions surrounding Clay’s tragic death. I hope that somehow his story makes a difference in the “system”.
    Karen Garner

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