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FTCA for Volunteers Takes Another Important Step Forward

by Kaitlin McColgan

Last week, the “FTCA for Volunteers” legislation (officially known as H.R. 1745- the Family Health Care Accessibility Act) took another important step forward in the legislative process. The House Energy and Commerce Committee voted unanimously to pass out the bill, setting it up for consideration by the full House of Representatives when the House returns to session this fall.

Before passing the bill, the Committee adopted an amendment offered by Rep. Gene Green (D-TX) the Democratic sponsor of the bill. NACHC had worked with Congressman Green and members of the committee staff to construct the amendment to broaden the scope of covered services in the bill beyond what was contained in the version of the bill passed by the Health subcommittee. The amendment was unanimously accepted.

In the fall, we expect the legislation to move to the floor of the House, and you can expect to hear from NACHC prior to that vote as we work to build support for passage. NACHC staff will also be working to garner support for the bill in the Senate, so stay tuned for more details.