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Fighting the Flu

35765-lo-amanda_kanowitzThe National Association of Child Care Professionals (NACCP), Families Fighting Flu and the Childhood Influenza Immunization Coalition (CIIC) have launched their nationwide flu awareness campaign, “Fighting Flu in Child Care Settings: Building Blocks to Increase Influenza Awareness.”  NACHC is proud to be a part of the steering committee.

For the second year in a row, the campaign aims to educate parents about the seriousness of influenza in children. More than 1,300 child care centers across the country will receive educational materials (in English and Spanish) about influenza and the importance of vaccination. Now through the end of March, center directors will be individually tracking influenza vaccination for children within their centers and encouraging healthy preventative practices.

The educational campaign was launched in conjunction with a new national survey of mothers of children in child care that revealed widespread confusion regarding how to protect children from influenza.

Educational materials are available for download at, and    You can also read a news article and see photos at

Photo: Four-year-old Amanda Kanowitz died from influenza in February 2004.