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Exciting Start to National Health Center Week

Im Attending NHCW square1 2014It’s the Monday of National Health Center Week 2014 (NHCW) and so much has happened already we hardly know where to begin.  The excitement started early this morning at the White House where President Barack Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation marking this week as NHCW.   Our favorite quote:

“What started as an experiment to expand the promise of health security today delivers quality care across America — at prices people can afford, with the dignity and respect they deserve. This week, we recognize the importance of health centers and the critical support they provide to communities that need it most. Let us celebrate the progress health centers have helped us achieve and build on this foundation as we work to expand access to affordable care.”

And how could it be NHCW without unveiling new facts and figures to help make the case about the value of health centers?  NACHC has released new infographics and data showing how health centers generate a “ripple effect” of economic benefits as well as improved public health while serving 23 million patients or one in 15 people living in the United States.  Health center leaders can also help spread the word on social media with cool new badges highlighting the facts.

Stay tuned for more reports about NHCW and don’t forget to follow the #NHCW2014 hashtag to join the conversation and hear what others are saying.