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Election Results Are In, and the Landscape in DC Is Dramatically Altered

Although it’s no longer news by this point, we’d be remiss at Health Centers on the Hill if we didn’t document the electoral wave that occurred last Tuesday. Republicans swept to control in the US House of Representatives, taking 60 seats previously held by Democrats. The count in the House at the moment stands at 239 Republicans and 196 Democrats. In the Senate, Republicans gained 6 seats previously held by Democrats and now hold 47 seats to Democrats’ 53. For a map of state-by-state results, check out this link to Politico.  For a useful guide and helpful visual to US House seats nationwide that converted from one party to another, check out this link at

Republicans in the House have already begun planning their transition, and Rep. Greg Walden (OR) has been named chairman of that effort. The new GOP transition website has just been posted.

While the new Congress will not be fully seated until January, the results of the election will certainly be ever-present in the upcoming lame-duck session as the soon to be House GOP majority asserts it preferences for the year-end spending package, which could take many forms, as previously documented on our blog.

In the coming days and weeks, health center advocates will be hearing from NACHC on a variety of fronts as we continue our lame-duck session advocacy on appropriations, HIT, and other areas and as we chart our course ahead for the 112th Congress.