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Digital Do-Gooders in the Health Center World

Our hat is off to Central Florida’s Community Health Centers, Inc. (CHC). They were named the 2014 HIMSS (which stands for Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Community Health Organization Davies Award of Excellence winner. Since 1994, the Nicholas E. Davies Award has recognized excellence in the use of health information technology (HIT), specifically the use of electronic health records (EHR) to successfully improve the healthcare delivery processes and patient safety while achieving a demonstrated return on investment.

Community Health Center Winter Garden Grand Opening by Photographer Jessie Dee-0814As the recipient of the Davies Community Health Organization Award, CHC has demonstrated that their use of electronic health records and HIT has resulted in a significant, sustainable improvement of patient outcomes and a return on their investment.  This is quite an accomplishment, given that many health centers have a difficult time maintaining their EHR systems and training staff how to use it.

Nevertheless, a majority of health centers have achieved high functionality with the EHR systems. According to this NACHC Fact Sheet, between 2009 and 2013, the adoption rate at health centers more than doubled. By 2012, more health centers had installed EHR systems compared with office-based physicians (90% vs. 78%).

Community Health Centers, Inc.,  however, is a “stand out for their commitment to use health information technology to drive quality improvement,” according to Jonathan French, Director of Quality and Patient Safety at HIMSS. “CHC has developed a culture focused on quality improvement, where the EHR is a tool that enables the staff to take action that ultimately results in improved outcomes.”

“CHC is honored to receive the 2014 HIMSS Community Health Organization Davies Award in recognition of our successful application of an electronic health record to improve care outcomes and population health,” said Kim Barkman, Director of Clinical Informatics at Community Health Centers, Inc.

Mark Dickinson, Executive VP/CFO and Interim President/CEO, says that “Community Health Centers is committed to providing high quality, outcome based healthcare to our patients and to the processes necessary in achieving that goal. This award is the culmination of the hard work and dedication of the entire CHC staff toward that goal.”

Community Health Centers, Inc. will be recognized at the 2015 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition, April 12th-16th in Chicago IL.  For more information on applying for the HIMSS Davies Awards of Excellence, visit the HIMSS Davies Award website.