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Curating Outreach and Enrollment

You may have already heard and, hopefully, you’ve bookmarked it—NACHC now has a Storify Account. What is Storify and why does NACHC need another social media account, you ask? Well, I hope to answers those questions here.

storifyStorify is a social media platform that allows you to tell a story by curating/collecting relevant pieces to share with your audience.  In this case, our story is outreach and enrollment for health reform implementation.  With so much information and policy developments cropping up, it is difficult to make sense of it all and put it into context.  Storify remedies that with features that allow users to find meaning and context in the information being shared.

NACHC already has a Facebook and Twitter account with many followers and likes from across the globe, but those social media accounts are very broadly focused. Our goal is to create a place where we could post stories, information and other news that narrow in specifically with what is happening with outreach and enrollment (O&E) and health centers. As the news and resources started coming in our O&E page on the NACHC website was becoming too crowded and so we thought Storify might be a more aesthetically pleasing way of presenting the information.

Currently we have four stories on the NACHC Storify page:

  • Outreach and Enrollment News- Stories about the outreach and enrollment activities of Community Health Centers and other organizations across the country.
  • State Outreach and Enrollment Campaigns- Various state and local efforts to inform the public about the health insurance exchanges.
  • Outreach and Enrollment Resources- A collection of resources and best practice materials for outreach and enrollment.
  • Community Health Centers and the Affordable Care Act- A timeline of the Affordable Care Act and the Community Health Center Role.

NACHC updates these stories daily. Friends who visit our Storify page can chose to view each story separately or each individual element (link) with simple click of a button.

Storify click

They can also add a story to their own collection on Storify or share it the link on their other social media accounts.


Add to your collection on storify

storify share


This is a work in progress so we welcome any feedback.  Also if you think we’ve missed a great link, article or other resource please send it to for inclusion in our stories.

Happy reading!