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Connecting Veterans with Health Center Jobs

Community Health Centers serve more than 260,000 of America’s Veterans. Yet, did you know that they are also engaged as part of a joint initiative launched by the White House and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to hire more Veterans, and to help returning servicemen and women transition into civilian life?

Health centers provide a wide range of employment opportunities for Veterans. Veterans have skills and experience that are a good match for health centers. They also bring a sense of mission and commitment to the community. In fact health centers report a 50 percent higher retention rate for Veteran employees.

To help health centers establish a Veteran hiring strategy NACHC has created a toolkit entitled Making the Connection and Continuing to Serve: A Veteran Hiring Toolkit for Community Health Centers and Veterans.  In the toolkit health centers will find information on creating a Veteran friendly workplace, the benefits of hiring Veterans, finding Veteran candidates and creating a strategy for hiring Veterans. The toolkit is also helpful to Veterans. It contains information for them on how their military experience translates to jobs in the health centers and where to find available jobs.

To learn more about the Hiring our Veterans Initiative click here. You can download the toolkit here.