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Community Health Centers Spread Holiday Cheer

By Yvette Crenshaw

Although the local mall and several other businesses may be closing early for the holidays, Community Health Centers nationwide will still be open and available to serve up some great holiday cheer to those in their communities.

Northshore Health Center in Portage, IN knows that the holidays can be an especially difficult time for some, and getting basic necessities such as food can be a challenge. This year they have decided to donate $500 and 50 hams to several local food pantries in need. The staff at Northshore could not be happier donating to food pantries that share a similar mission.

What better gift than the gift of health? Jefferson Community Health Center Inc. in Avondale, LA spread lots of holiday cheer by providing those in the community with free health screenings. The screenings took place at their annual health fair and included screenings on blood pressure, glucose and HIV. Not only were residents able to get free screenings, they were also educated on other services and classes the health center provides.

What is your health center doing to spread holiday cheer? Please share!

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