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Community Health Centers Spotlighted in Tennessee

The newspaper The Tennessean examines the value of Community Health Centers and the money they save by delivering quality care.  Mary Bufwack, CEO of United Health Services, a federally qualified health center in Nashville, TN, writes in today’s editorial section,”This community model of care has demonstrated its value. The centers create access to care, manage chronic disease, reduce health disparities and are very cost effective.”   Read more here.  Kathy Wood-Dobbins of the Tennessee Primary Care Association also weighs in, writing, “When people have a place to go for heath care they will use it, stay healthy and out of hospital emergency rooms, where the cost of care is more expensive. CHCs generate cost-savings for the entire health-care system by providing primary care services focused on keeping people well and treating chronic illness before it requires hospitalization.” Read more here.     That same message was brought to Capitol Hill yesterday in a hearing held by the Senate HELP Committee.  The Senate panel took testimony on the Primary Health Care Access Reform: Community Health Centers and the National Health Service Corps. U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was among several lawmakers who spoke positively of the impact of health centers. “We’re saving money. We’re keeping people well, we’re keeping them out of emergency rooms…. this is a win-win-win situation,” Sanders said.  You can read more here.