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Community Health Centers Caucus Seeks New Members

NACHC is excited to announce that last week, caucus chairs Representative Mike Capuano, Representative Danny Davis, Representative Kay Granger and Representative Tim Griffin began circulating a “Dear Colleague” letter urging Representatives to join the Community Health Centers Caucus! This bipartisan caucus was first established over a decade ago to support and promote policies that preserve and expand access to care for the ever-growing numbers of uninsured and underserved Americans who receive treatment in our nation’s health centers. The four co-chairs are preparing to formally re-establish the caucus for the current 112th Congress, and they are actively seeking out new members. At present, there are 82 members of the caucus but we need more! For all of our grassroots advocates, we ask that as you are talking to your Members about Medicaid and other priority issues in the context of the Supercommittee’s work on deficit reduction, please tell them about this great opportunity to publicly show their support of Health Centers.


  1. Where do we get a list of the current caucus members, so we can see who’s joined and who hasn’t?

  2. Yes. I have the same question. Can I get the information of the current members? I hope I know who already are in the caucus.

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